Monday, January 3, 2011

I should have said this years ago, and I still can't say them to your face

I'm sorry I didn't call every time I was supposed to. 
I'm sorry I said your sister was pretty.
I'm sorry I wasn't there when you needed me most.
I'm sorry I made you laugh so hard that beer came out of your nose.
I'm sorry I hogged the bed.
I'm sorry I didn't say "I love you" as often as I felt it.
I'm sorry I didn't notice your new haircut.
I'm sorry I let you down.
I'm sorry I got THAT drunk.
I'm sorry I said those jeans do make your ass look big.
I'm sorry I made fun of your favorite movie.
I'm sorry I don't read minds.
I'm sorry I stopped doing those little things that made you so happy (even though you pretended they didn't).
I'm sorry I didn't tell you how beautiful you looked sleeping in the morning light.
I'm sorry I never caught your hints.
I'm sorry I lost your favorite pen.
I'm sorry I always try to fix things when you just wanted me to listen.
I'm sorry for every time I made you cry.
I'm sorry I don't get to fall asleep next to you anymore.
I'm sorry my best wasn't ever enough.
I'm sorry I didn't stop you from walking out of my life.
I'm sorry I broke your heart.


  1. Thanks Nub, you have completely validated me. <3

  2. its awesome that you found the courage to post that. But maybe you should say that to the people you did wrong.

  3. You feel better now huh. It's always good to get things off your chest. :)

  4. Don't sweat it man. Everyday is a brand new day.

  5. just let them go and start anew.

  6. these things should be said more often.

  7. Sorry I stopped following your blog, but you stopped following mine, and I'm very unforgiving in that regard. Happy New year!

  8. I shudder to think of what my ex-husband's list would say, although it should just say; "I'm sorry I'm a mechanized robot and do not wish for or desire human contact or any of the niceties involved in such interactions." I suspect the list of "I'm glad I..." would be quite impressive too. Do remember those, as well. They are the reasons someone falls in love with a person in the first place. Men fall short on emotional maintenance but women fall short on physical maintenance over time, so we're both human.